Koios walked with leisurely steps, taking his time. He had another half of a candle mark until his delivery to The Medicine Woman was due. The cobblestones were warm with sun and he wished he could slip off his leather sandals to feel the heat against his skin. A caravan of gypsies from the east had came in that morn and the streets were alive with stalls and pagan festivities.

The sun had risen high and hot in the sky and Koios wiped the sweat from his brow, admiring the sun’s fiery strength. He wore his new cotton tunic that his mother had saved up for months to buy him, tan work trousers, and a purple velvet coin purse. His sister, who worked for The Medicine Woman,had bought it overseas on a visit to The Eastern Woman.

A worn leather cord served as a purse string to tie the drawstrings to a loop in his trousers. When it grew cold, he could tie it onto his heavy black cloak. He hoped autumn would wait longer, he despised the chill it brought on its spiny back.

Suddenly, he felt a slight pull on the strings. Koios whipped around, and his elbow slammed into the thief’s nose.

Startled hazel eyes glared up at him and thin, pale fingers scrambled to stop the blood that flowed free down his chin. The thief didn’t move, but he held the velvet purse tight with his unsoiled hand. They stared into each others eyes. A predator and prey.

The thief was younger, with curls of mouse brown hair and scornful hazel eyes that shifted from light brown to yellow to green. He was slightly older with a wind-worn tunic, twine serving as a belt over baggy fraying trousers. He spat blood onto the street and as Koios stood stalk-still, he ran.

Koios raced after him, shouting and knocking people to the side. The thief was nimble and wiry-built and he squirmed between the crowd and disappeared. Koios panted and cursed. His fingers wandered to the loop on his trousers. He gasped, the worn leather cord still remained with the broken drawstrings hanging limp.

Koios sighed, slicking back his sweaty black hair from his face. He thought of his sister and remembering the delivery, continued to run to The Medicine Woman’s house.


-The Fiery One



not infinity…
nothing lasts forever…
this has to stop…
it can’t last forever…
it will stop…
We were arrogant. We were young. We were stupid when we broke the rules. We could not escape.
And so on a dark night in Midsummer my best friend and I slipped into the shadows… and disappeared.
The Fiery One


I have been writing an awesome story about magic and the Elements. ‡ I won’t share too much until I think I can publish it. So read it! ^.^ Will post it here soon so wait patiently friends.


Hello friends! Today is our first (and hopefully not last) post! It’s a Sunday, so that means we’re just hanging out and chilling; right now we’re waiting for pancakes and bacon…. I can smell it…. *drool* Anyway! Back to business! I just found this great recipe for muffins: http://smittenkitchen.com/2006/10/promise-keeper-pumpkin-eater/  I’m gonna make them today, if I can, (fingers crossed!) for a request from my boyfriend’s mom…. She has three boys, and she’s worried that they’re not eating a good breakfast ’cause they eat school food, and I agree! School breakfast is sugary cereal and poptarts. 😛 I’m making PUMPKIN muffins because my afore-mentioned boyfriend, Tristan, doesn’t like fruit… The reviews for this recipe are high, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out…  I should thank smittenkitchen when it’s done…I might brave myself into tweaking it a bit, and if I do, I’ll post the recipe! Wish me luck!

Yours in all truth,

Haley Voss