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Today is a real scorcher. It’s ninety degrees out, and with humidity, it feels even warmer out. But, at least to me, it’s a day to get things done. I’m pretty happy, because I finally took care of a chore I’ve needed to get done. I got some Japanese Beetles!!!! *evil laughter* Every Summer, Japanese Beetles terrorize my raspberry bushes. It’s horrible! They eat all of the poor plants leaves! So today, I carried a jar with 2 inches of water outside and took my revenge! Yep, it’s that simple; just tip the little buggers into the jar, screw on the lid, and shake thoroughly so their wings are too wet to fly off when you remove the lid later. Then I just let the jar sit out for a bit. Hah! That’s what you get when you eat MY raspberries!!!! Ah, sweet revenge.
-Haley Voss, Warrior Goddess (in-training)


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