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I know who you are


Oh, If someone can
Open the sky
I know who you are
Unraveling the stars
Oh, taking my hand
Skipping stones
Over the bends
Oh, ripples through the water
Sand-dollars full of stars
I know who you are
Far away from the crowd
And quiet without a sound
Oh, calling my name
Hide and Seek
Playing a child’s game
Oh, how long must you deceive me?
Just desert me
I dare you to leave me
I know who you are!
And I’ll pull apart the sky
To reach the light
On the other side
Oh, the moonlight in my hair
Running free
The adrenaline of the night
Without a care
Oh, just stand
And stare
The one that got away
Don’t play with my heart
The Beginning was no way to start
I know who you are

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